About Us

Brazil – a nation made by entrepreneurs

The present is molded by the visionaries that transform thoughts into actions. Our goal is to develop the entrepreneurial tech ecosystem in Brazil and make this country a better place to start a business, employ people and reduce inequalities. Entrepreneurs are developing our society by their business.

BR Tech Insights is the way we bridge Brazilian entrepreneurs and foreigners stakeholders: investors, customers, suppliers, partners, entrepreneurs.

My name is Henrique Tormena. I’m an engineer that found during my journey at Endeavor the passion for entrepreneurship. A short time spent in San Francisco (plus my admiration for the founders of RD Station) inspired me to start BR Tech Insights.

Want to help/contribute? Write me an email ([email protected]). Want to give your suggestion?

“I have never met a successful pessimist” 

Jorge Paulo Lemann – Brazilian biggest business man